Should you hire a technical copywriter?

What is a technical copywriter?

Let’s start by explaining what a copywriter is. Before I started as a freelance copywriter, I had no idea who they were or what they did. Some people believe they are related to copyright, which protects the creator of a piece of work. The two, however, are very different.

If you type ‘what is a copywriter?’ into a search engine, you will quickly find many articles explaining what a copywriter is. I won’t try to reinvent the wheel. The Oxford dictionary definition sums it up well:

‘a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.’

Copywriters write compelling content that usually encourages readers to take some kind of action. A copywriter is good at:

Technical copywriter vs technical author

A tech copywriter or technical copywriter has similar skills to a general copywriter, however, they primarily write for the technology industry. They’re not to be confused with technical authors, who create content to explain how to use a product or service. The easiest way to remember the difference is:

Turning technical jargon into sales

People who work in the tech world may know their gigabytes from their gigaflops, but often all their customers want to know is how fast it will go, or how much space they will have. They’ll have a strong knowledge of the terms used within their field, but struggle to convey their product or service to customers in a clear, benefit-driven way. This is where the skills of a technology copywriter come in.

The benefits of a technical copywriter

Often, a technical copywriter will have a background in a computing related field, such as technical support or web development. They may also have qualifications in both IT and copywriting, creating a unique blend of technical and marketing attributes.

The benefits of hiring a tech copywriter include:

Who hires tech copywriters?

First, we should look at who hires copywriters. Anyone can hire a copywriter, from your local bakery to a multi-million-pound software company. Some of the most common businesses that hire a copywriter include:

Companies that are likely to benefit most from hiring a technology copywriter are those that specialise in the technology industry, or have a strong focus on tech. These include:

A freelance technical copywriter not only saves time and money but brings a unique blend of technical and creative skills to a business. They know how to make technology appealing to potential customers, ultimately increasing sales and providing strong ROI.

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